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Divine Augmentation of Life

Verily verily do I come to instruct thine mortal wits unto righteousness and realization...The Kingdom of Heaven is alive .. it is real and true .. stabilization abounds for those who deliver themselves to Me .. the Trinity Parenthood which I represent.Thine entrance is a transmutation and expansion. It is all a question of how you apply your free will intention, desire, devotion of attention, dedication of heart and mind, discernment of loyalties and allegiance.Focus thine heartfelt yearnings upon the Totality of Life, and you shall find the Living One .. ye shall becometh alike unto his nature and his character .. and you will know his Order and Harmony. Your life relationships will become harmoniously attuned to loving and caring.We have a work to progress in .. the Universe hath a purposeful need for actualization which you are meant to participate in.Be ever and anon placing thine awareness upon the Spirit of Life, and ye shall grow his Presence in you and through you; for thine …

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