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Fulfillment of Destiny

Be thou of good cheer...As ye have kept My commandments ..  that ye love one another .. and these are the greatest commandments of all. And that ye arise unto accountability for thine nature and destiny.Be assured with certainty .. all which happeneth, cometh unto My notice.I do not let you suffer overlong for those shortcomings that are not of your creating .. happenings planetarily that hinder your advancement. Be of a mind ever to recall the love that is within our association .. and the mercy which is always flowing to you.I say unto thee .. that merciful loving embrace shall always be as your motivating caress and inspiring impulse. As you embody that love which hails from the highest regions, so shall you be protected in grace and exceeding generosity.  When ye have need of My strength .. I bid that ye think on Me .. reaching for Me .. receiving of Mine Spirit of Truth ever with you.I will send you My Spirit Comforter who  shall make known to you My whereabouts in thine vicinity…

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