The Good Father is the Bread of Life

Verily do I uphold the Integrity of  the Trinity Ideal; that your planetary society may arise into the fullness of Mercy.

Love the Lord thy God who is Individualized as thine destined Life to become eternally one.

Love the Lord thy God with all thine heart and mind and mind.

Build this new trajectory by quickening into the eternalization of every meaning and urge .. all impulses and intentions shall become raised and made holy as you love God with the fullness of your faith and trust and adoration.

Acknowledge him by your invisualizing faith .. your imaginative trust; know that I am with you .. one as Father Son .. as the Spirit of Truth .. and as the Supremacy of God that we share.

Love the Lord thy God with all thine passion and hunger to find his Life amidst all the ephemerality of appearances.

Love the Father's Life in thee; forever does he permanently sweep out your offenses .. like a cloud in the afternoon sky .. thy sins of misqualification evaporate like the mist of the morning fog.

Love the Lord thy Infinite God and Source of existence. He is the Existential Father Thought Ideal and much more.

Forgive thyself of all thine unintentional transgressions of the Father's Law of Life which secures all stability and security in the life of the individual creature.

Love the Lord thy Life of God .. for he is victory guaranteed and truth unwaveringly prescient; I and the Father do know of thine past .. thine present .. and thine future destiny with Me.

The Good Father is the Bread of Life who shall deliver thee from all the appearances of evil and darkness; yet these obstructions are merely errors in the race mind and misunderstandings in the heart of the populace.

All shall becometh blossomed into purpose and purity and adorational humility as you give yourself to the Father's Sovereignty.

I sayeth unto you who attempt your walk with Me .. grow thy character into truthfulness and humility. Mature thine intellectual thinking towards the higher impulses of Eternity; all the meaningless shall then be overflowing with meaning and every misunderstanding shall become healed and whole by your wholehearted commitment and conviction .. your constancy of heart .. your full giving of every credit and glory and power to the Father Life.

Love the Heavenly Father as the Life of thine indwelling Godhood. He is near and imminently accessible to each moral creature who chooses to know him .. decides to spiritualize their urges and motivations .. and their every intention shall be made holy and just as you aspire to this intimacy with the Father's Kingdom and Life.

Michael Of Nebadon


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