This Intimate Association

My religious living is built by the acts of faith and grown through the joy of trust in the Universal Father.

Thine faith trust vision opens the Eye of Faith wherein you are transformed; you give all  recognition to the Father Son and Spirit.

Thine inner urge to divine attainment is brought about by that advancing reception of My Spirit .. and by your mind maturities through the ministry of the adjutant spirits of the Mother.

Thine soul trust expands .. encompassing all of your personality .. your will and decisions .. your mind values and meanings.

You are achieving this intimate association .. this joyfulness of assurance that you are becoming conscious of the way of salvation .. cooperative with the technique of the survival of thy personality ..  and all those values which you have come to look upon as being true and beautiful and good are beckoning you forward towards your freedom.

Michael Of Nebadon


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