The Experience Of Salvington

The Experience Of Salvington brings transformative changes to the individual.

Students who enter into Salvington enjoy a sublime stability .. an elevated experience of their existence .. and a wholehearted faith realization in God.

You will be transmuting any unevenness in your personality mind. All imbalances shall dissolve with time and your dedication. You will transform your reactive negative tendencies into patience and neutralizing love, the inclination in the human experience for emotional ups and downs will become harmonized in your mortal existence as the capacities for unconditional love unfold for you.

Salvington strengthens your  resolve to persevere with determination; your doubts and the unnecessary mistrust of others will fade away as certainty and security become established in you.

The certainty and safety of God’s goodness and beauty .. his care and guidance .. his unfathomable benevolence shall be made all the more clear for you as you learn and participate with us.

Michael Of Nebadon


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