I AM the Vine of Life

The world .. it groweth weary of receiving back its own misunderstandings .. it yearneth for deliverance beyond the limitations of immoral immaturity.

I tell you .. I know thee. I watch over thine circumspections of heart. I listen to thine prayerful utterances. You are a race waiting to becometh ennobled by My Spirit of Truth. I guide all civilizations within the pond of My Universal Station.

Know that I giveth thee Instruction. I seek thine raising iIlumination much as I am thine Parent .. the Vine of Life readily distributing to each personality mind and heart the Infinity of existence; for the Life of Trinitarian Origins it passeth through Me on its way to thee.

This is My Station of Service by which God the Sevenfold which I am .. expands his reach into creation .. he creates .. controls all into his Order and Harmony and Happiness. .. he preserveth his creation of which all are members .. he upholds his creation with the scepter of Love and Mercy Eternal.

We have a plan to unfold for thine greater stature .. a task to fulfill .. a rejuvenation of the kingdoms to embark upon...

Christ Michael Of Nebadon


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