I Am Come to Renew Thine Mind

In every mortal creature there exists a twofold nature of both animal material tendencies and also the higher impulses and inclinations for progressive spirit advancement and soul receptivity .. the Life urge which is daily and hourly bringing you into higher moral decision and the loftier spirit choices.

In the course of your many lifetimes these two simultaneously acting urges are at play .. both operating .. and these two currents can hardly  become harmonized nor fully reconciled and unified unless you submit thyselves to Our Influences.

Yet .. the Spirit of Life ever ministers to each moral creature .. the Father's Life assists each one in gradually subjugating and directing the urges and inclinations of the flesh .. the senses .. and the immediate short-term viewpoints for gratification .. the Father's Sovereignty is seeking always to be quickening and maturing thine carnal inclinations .. eternalizing all of the ephemeral nature .. in becoming more greatly spiritualized .. capable of partaking of the more profound Life .. receptively making you athirst through the sublime leading of our Spirit directions.

Verily, do I say to those personalities who are athirst for righteousness and respect and relationship and reconciliation .. though you shall live your material life in the present limited biological expression .. and even though you cannot escape the temporal body and its incessant needs and all-engrossing demands .. yet, in this higher and divine purpose .. this loftier goal and purity Ideal .. you are daily empowered to awaken and quicken all human urges .. you are increasingly led to conquer thine animal, mechanical, and material nature into the fuller mastery of the Spirit Life.

Thou seekers and aspirants and disciples of The City of Christ Michael . . .

Thou Salvington .. Mine apostles of glory and dignity and grace .. within you exist these diverging forces which humanity has thought to be good and evil .. a conspiracy of opposing currents and powerful earthly momentums .. and simultaneously there dwells My living spiritual force of Comforter Spirit Consciousness .. a combined confederation of triune and divine powers .. Existential, Expressionful, and Experiential Growth Empowerments whose sole purpose is to transmute you towards your deliverance into the Second Birth of Cosmic Citizenship.

I am come to renew thine mind .. to vanquish all doubts .. to strengthen every constructive conviction of faith and trust in you; that you might reach for greatness, and even while stumbling you might persist and persevere and eventually prevail.

Michael Of Nebadon


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