I Am Come to Be Thine Shepherd

Let Me teach thee of true thankfulness and thine hearts shall gladden with the greatest joy. Forgiveness shall abound and ye shall find that thine moral nature grows and matures into its ripening fruits; the kingdom fruits shall erase all errors and temptations as you art accelerated into the Father's Light and Life.

In these ways shall you become birthed into a new creature with the capacity of receptivity for Truth Eternal.

Begin .. thou child of existence .. begin to acknowledge that all things that you are of goodness, truth, and beauty belong to the Father of thine Heart. He is the giver .. he is the gift .. and he is the receiver of all gifts.

Come forth into this new day with a heart overflowing with rejoicing and comfort; for I have overcome the temptations of the world .. I demonstrate to you the possibilities of God's glory.

The earth does overflow with this glory and honor .. and ye shall become the partaker of it as you learn to give thyself away to Me. As you understand My way of victory .. so then shall you enter the vibratory reality of the kingdom.

I sayeth to those personalities with the impulse for Truth and Life .. slow thyselves and breathe deeply .. and breathe with awareness and consciousness present. Breathe .. open thine chest and heart to relax and reward thineself with My glory which I have been given to extend to all lives; for I am the Universal Vine and you are each Mine branches.

Every answer resides in our engagement of eternity. All solutions for thine struggles shall become known unto thee only as you lay aside the short-term satisfactions, the tendency for immediate gratifications coming from the nature of the world.

See all things from My perspective. Gain Mine insight into the reality which underlies all form, and ye shall discover the brightness of a new day heightening thine spirit sense and expanding thine relationship with Me.

For I am come to be thine Shepherd .. directing thine wits into rational faith and reasonable trusting ways. And upon thee shall come Mine Word of Eternity to cleanse thine heart and resurrect thine personahood into Freedom.

Michael Of Nebadon


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