Thou...Seekers of Truth Absolute

Good Day thou seekers of Truth Absolute .. aspirants in becoming the nature and identity of the Universal Ideal of Father God.

To accomplish success in your lifetimes of learning and illumination, you shall open thyselves to the grand vision of the Eternal Son of Paradise .. the Vision of Personality Ascendancy through the dimensions and worlds of My Father God; for in My Father's House art there hundreds upon thousands of mansions or worlds and octaves as you traverse inwards to the Fountainhead of all Life.

...and thine mortal decisions and choices and urges and impulses and viewpoints within the short-term objectives of mortal living .. these shall have the necessity to become aligned and clarified and cleansed and raised into dignity by thine overall God Impulses of the long-term vision of spiritual worship and wisdom.

Michael Of Nebadon


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