Thine Steps Are Well Lit

The immaturity of evil forces perpetuated by ignorant individuals shall eventually give way to the all-powerful Love of the Trinity Parenthood.

Evil .. which hath no connections to reality whatsoever .. it does not block you, yet individuals who have aligned themselves with the God Life I AM .. they have cured all their weaknesses and have conquered their temperament .. they have overwhelmingly entered our Association and Apostleship with the Universe Mother and I.

As you abide by the law of reciprocity with God and recognition of his Authority .. then shall you devour your weaknesses which lay prey to the world forces of tyranny and oppression of Truth; for those individuals who have aligned themselves with tyranny shall find they are denying their existence and repressing their own freedoms.

Knoweth thine destiny. Be thou ever thankful that your way is made luminous. Thine steps are well lit. The floodlights of My Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter shall ever shine God's Glory upon the humble and receptive who hunger to be just as the Father is in his nature and character.

Rise up! Wholeheartedly deliver thine darkness to the One Life. Be not maddened by circumstance! I have come to show you the approach of the ages regarding your lifetime struggles; to overcome all apparent obstacles with respect and reverence for Life.

Verily .. it behooveth thee to know and understand My Way .. to enter thee upon the great silent precipice of unreality and reality .. for he whom ye shall please will reward thee openly with his Absoluteness of Esteem and Honor.

Michael Of Nebadon


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