The Living Ideal of Truth Everlasting

I am wholly concerned with thine inward ascent into light and life .. thine personal spiritual fellowship with God the Father. It is this urge to find solace and counsel in the arms of the Universal Father Absolute which so certainly and directly brings thee forth into becoming the expressionful Word of that very Ideal which you worship and praise.

Allowing the Universal One who lives in thee to control and direct your personhood into righteousness and remembrance .. this reciprocity of relations shall prepare thee for thine more outward sharing of the Love of Infinity .. the loving service for humankind and the kingdoms of the planet.

I teach you that My religious approach into expanding the kingdom is through personal communion and normal, ordinary prayerful intimacy in the right use of your free will.

As Salvington University, I teach in My lectures the most fortuitous and fruitful application of this free will expression of each individual which allows to emerge a genuine personal experience of the Father's Life .. and this expanding grace no man can contain within himself; each one who is raised and preserved and upheld by the Absoluteness of Infinity shall discover a new consciousness emerging .. a realization of the universal family .. a recognition of the Fountainhead of all personalities and of every life throughout the creation .. a personal consciousness unfolding itself into a more universal perspective .. the unmistakable revelation of being a member of the family of believers and the kingdom of truth-seekers leads inevitably to the practice of these precepts which I give to My apostles .. precepts bringing glory and grace to its recipient ..and in this way shall you grow and develop in our universal family conduct and culture .. the awakening into thine duty to the great Supremacy of God .. and the irrepressible necessity of conducting thine life into the good and great service of thy brothers and sisters in the effort to ennoble Life .. to enhance the qualities and attributes of rightful existence in God the Father .. and to enlarge the universal brotherhood of all beings and creatures until this consciousness sweeps through every corner of the planet's field of life.

I bid thee discernment to reach for the living Ideal of Truth Everlasting…

Michael Of Nebadon


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