The Living Doorway

Behold Mine holy children who are thirsty for Objectivity and Absoluteness of Truth ...

I speak to you in the interest of the Ineffable Infinity of Life. I stand as the vanguard of righteousness which all must eventually embrace for their own progressive advancement in light and life.

Be thou still in thine mind by breathing more deeply and slowly. Allow Mine Spirit of Truth to renew all thine thought and feeling .. thine sight and purpose shall becometh purposefully empowered .. there shall emerge a tranquility of the heart for those individuals who receive of the Universe Mother and I .. who crave to discover the luminosity of the Father's Life. 

Righteousness hath honor .. it hath an immense benevolence for those who maketh themselves worthy and honorable in dedication and devotion .. determination and desire for Love Eternal. 

Arise into the life of virtuousness and right alignment by your solitary decision. Righteousness hath no error nor evil. Those who decide upon living in righteousness seek to learn of My Way of the Kingdom of Freedom. They seeketh in purity and in respect for the Fountainhead Source of Life.

I sayeth unto thee...

There are things holy and beyond the understanding of mortals; for there are the greater depths in which to live .. and ye shall conquer all of the race beastliness as you taketh your choice for God .. decisively and wholeheartedly. 

I come unto the earthly .. in garment of mortality for a moment's time .. 

I come not with the outward show of the vainglorious but as one who treadeth softly and with a firmness unknown to human nature. 

I come not riding in chariots of fire nor in garments of obviousness; yet I come .. and ye shall recognize Me only as the Father opens thine sight .. ripens thine mature cravings for learning of the higher things in life .. of Life Everlasting. 

I am prepared to give unto the humble ones a greater portion of their Light .. to establish they who are wholeheartedly willing to bend their ways unto Eternity .. to maketh of themselves Christos Wholeness. 

Give unto Me thine ear .. and I shall fill thine mind to Our overflowing grace. I am prepared to elevate unto freedom all who shall cooperate with the Divine Plan of Progressive Attainment and Ascendancy. 

Abide in Me. I have come to raise thee into sonship and daughtership. To spiritualize thine heart into Ultimate Understanding and Knowledge of the greater works; for the darkness hath set itself in upon the cities and tbe world culture. It is driven by those who have failed in their ascent heavenward .. and they desire that you fail as well in your achievements of Eternity. 

My plans for thee are intricately woven into thine original design. All with moral capacity and ethical capability of choice shall develop the living doorway in themselves. 

The Father's Kingdom hath entrance within thee. It is an immaculately conceived doorway which requires purity and humility and childlike wonder and awe. 

This doorway is of simple faith and trust .. for ye shall becometh born once again by the Spirit of Life...

Michael Of Nebadon


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