My Universal Gospel

Verily do I share with thee...

My Father God is personally present in Paradise. He rules the universe of universes by the attracting and transforming power of his love. 

Love is the fullest of all realities of all the domains of spirit. Whole Everlasting Truth is the one force which shall liberate and reveal all things and creatures .. Truth is revelation .. and love is the way into your relationship with all Infinity. 

Regardless of the mistakes you have made .. irregardless of the immature manipulative ways by which thine fellow men make in their world management of today .. in the epochs ahead .. in a future age to come .. the gospel of progressive personality ascendancy in the Parenthood of God and thine eternal service to the Brotherhood of all creatures .. shall arrive upon thine planetary shores of consciousness.

I declare to you that this universal gospel will overthrow every individual iniquity .. all who oppose the everlasting rule of My Father's Life shall be toppled over .. won over .. enthralled and enlivened by his love.

The ultimate aim and overarching purpose of all human progress is the reverential recognition of the Absoluteness and Everywhereness of God.

The all-encompassing religious relationship with the Universal Trinity Parenthood of God and the mercy-driven participation within the brotherhood of humankind.

Michael Of Nebadon


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