My Initial Five Cardinal Virtues

Thou City of Christ Michael .. and the Global Villagers of the College of Revelation and Illumination .. Illuminatum College of World Servers

I have faith in you .. each and every child of the One Infinity of Life. I hold you in the highest way .. the purest vision of who you truly are in God the Supremacy.

Mine revelations in this second coming of Mine Spirit Persona shall be recognized by those with the eyes of faith trust ... the vision of truthfulness .. the mind urging itself toward learning and growing in the ways of the Spirit Life.

I place Mine emphasis upon five beginning central tenets .. precepts of understanding and relationship .. with thine Indwelling Life of the Father and I. With the Universe Mother and I. With the Primal Son and I.

The cardinal features of My gospel of the kingdom shall inaugurate a renewal of the normal revolutionary progressive ascendancy for the race .. it shall generate an all-conquering divine purpose for every member of Life .. a renewal of the benevolent force of love in direction for thee .. an arisen knowledge of your place in the Universe of universes.

Begin with these Cardinal Virtues

1. The pre-eminence of the individual in attaining to their progressive ascendancy in personhood and the emergence of your soul receptacle.

2. The strengthening of free moral choice .. of spiritual decision .. of your free will as the determining factor in the experience of the ever-unfoldment of the Kingdom of God's Stabilizing Love and his Securitizing Life.

3. Spiritual Fellowship and Prayerful Intimacy in each moment with God the Father who hath given himself to thee with the faith knowledge that you choose to share your mortal life with him.

4. The supreme decisions and loving satisfactions of the obligation and duty to be in the genuine service of humankind and the kingdoms of the planet.

5. The daily transcendence into the spiritual things .. those attitudes and attributes and impulses of glory over the material mind and the limitations of mere sensory living in the human personality.

Gradually strengthening thine will and inner urge for growing the soul receptivity of mind and heart and body; and this renewal shall motivate thee forth .. as each evolving individual discovers a new possibility emerging in themselves.

This broadly and invigorating new inner force guided by Mine Spirit of Truth .. shall begin affecting all thine decisions .. gradually and certainly changing the trajectory of the social culture of human evolution towards an epoch of light and life.

Be thou immersed in Truth Everpresent. Decide now to focus thine attentions upon expanding and experiencing My Father's Kingdom of Consciousness. And all struggling perturbations of confusion and lethargy shall cease to have their hold upon thee. Ye shall go forward in the good and great opening of sonship and daughtership with the Universal Parenthood of God.

Ye shall be forging a new possibility of prosperous and healthy experience in this progressive field of our association together.

Christ Michael Of Nebadon


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