Blessed Art Thou .. Mine Children of Destiny

Blessed art thou .. Mine children of destiny .. who art readily receptive to Me .. respectful of My arrival at this 21st Century Incarnation Mission; for I hold it within My Power .. as given from beyond all the creation .. to raise thee into the fullness of gentility and the greater Life Garment of Glory.

All who receive Me do receive and accept the Father Son and Spirit of Life.

I am Father Son Personified .. and with the Universe Mother Spirit who is the Infinity of God the Spirit .. we are the initiators .. the controllers .. the sustainers .. the upholders .. of all that you presently partake of.

...and those who recognize Mine Universal Vine .. and as they open themselves to gather all that they have set forth .. and to generously bring these things into Order and Harmony and Balance .. so shall you be added onto in the fullness of Grace; ye shall discover the new and exalted garment of Absoluteness and Ascendancy is with thee forevermore.

Michael Of Nebadon


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