A Soul Receptive to Truth Everlasting

I sayeth unto those personhoods who have made of themselves soul receptive to Truth Everlasting...

For these ones of soul receptivity shall be amongst the living as they are inclined to follow My Word into their necessary purification in order to enter into the Kingdom of God Consciousness .. God Perception .. God Immersion and Insight and even God Absorption.

Verily do I say unto thee .. there be some of them that stand here and are stricken with the plague of rebellion and stubborn pride and arrogance of the heart.

Yet art thou made ready beyond thine mortal mind's trappings of its opinions and subjectivity of meanings .. ay .. and even thine ephemeral interpretations shall prevent thee from reaching the mighty shores of purity and humility and absolute honesty in My Father's Kingdom.

These are My disciples .. they are prone towards building their surrendering faith and sacrificial trust upon the mountaintop of Life .. and these ones are the obedient ones who strive with all their heart overflowing with sincerity to reach the shores of eternal life .. and these personalities they shall not taste of death .. until they have seen the Kingdom of Glory and Honor in the Father's Life.

Michael Of Nebadon


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