Seventh Epochal Revelation

I am the Seventh Epochal Revelation of My original proclamations from the days of My Middle Eastern bestowal in the Jerusalem days.

My religious teachings of this 21st Century are an epochal phenomenon .. an advancement given to the Kingdoms of the planetary evolution in the way of truth .. a religious revealing of the Originating Way, the Unwavering Truth, and the Immaculate Life of thine personality soul's ascent into Godhood.

...and this God ascent of you brings you into a new garment .. an immortal vestment of light .. giving you access to higher regions and worlds overflowing with love and light.

While religious revelations are an epochal  phenomenon brought to a civilization by the Sons and Daughters of Supremacy .. personal religious spirituality and its revelations in human experience are always a continuously attainable experience .. and an immediately accessible journey for the readily receptive ones.

Michael Of Nebadon


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