Righteousness and Rectitude are Destiny

The First Revelation of God the Father resides everywhere and at the Paradise Residence of the Central Source.

And he has bestowed upon thee a portion of his Life Substance .. his Spirit Life Individualized .. for you to blend with and share thine mortality with his Divinity by learning to live his will and become his identity.

I dwell as the surrounding and interpenetrating Spirit of Truth .. thine eternal guide and teacher. I raise the individual personality and the civilization into righteousness and rectitude .. respect and recognition .. relationship and reconciliation with the One Life.

Wander not from My Reality .. avoid not our association .. deny not our communion at all moments of the day and night. I am with thee in the Father Son; for I am Father Son Personified .. the Supremacy of God with you do we share together.

Drift not far and away from Me. I knock upon thine Individualized consciousness. I stimulate thine higher inclinations. I touch to thee in ways both subtle and sensitive. I am the everpresent Impulse of Infinity .. the Life of Ascendancy and Advancement.

I sayeth unto thee .. gather thine force and strengthen thine holiest desire for Truth Objective and Secure.

I prompt thine tendencies for the One Absoluteness of Life. I am thine reality anchor who broadens thine vision and elevates thine deliverance; for I shall deliver thee unto remembrance and rejuvenation and responsibility and reverence unspeakably glorious.

Be thou ever immersed in acknowledgment and adoration of the Father's Life and Kingdom of Consciousness.

Michael Of Nebadon


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