Peace Unto Thee .. Mine Children

Peace unto thee .. Mine children; for it is within the glory of God that you allow thyselves to be as a child in My universal care.

I have incarnated here and now to give you the greater elucidation .. the vaster educational illumination of My original proclamations.

My teachings shall be reignited in thine solitary and aspiring heart .. and as you are willing to discard the world's opinions about Me .. ye shall find that the Father's Absoluteness brings to you an uncompromising sovereignty of mind .. a stability of feeling raised and with purpose .. and a security unconquerable by the thought waves of temporality.

My message from the days of old when we walked together in the countryside of what is now Israel shall be brought forth here and now; for I come with the uncompromising intent to enlighten .. and with the omnipotence of purpose to guide you in your ascent .. to help you purify from the society and its delirium .. to giveth thee aid and knowledge and of My Comforter Consciousness to maketh of thee true sons and daughters of Eternity.

Is this what you crave in your heart of hearts? Is this truth-filled life what you seek and desire? Is this Intimacy of Invitation with the Father's Kingdom what ye dream of in your becoming?

Originally .. I gave Mine words to the disciples with a goodly mission intended - to seek and know and receive of the Fatherhood of God .. the Pure Goodness of the Parenthood of God .. and to bring forth from this religious and spiritual relationship a loving heart and a mind thirsting for Truth ready to serve the Brotherhood of all men and women .. all the kingdoms of Life upon the earth.

Yet .. My words and life mission hath become paganized and socialized and artificial and ingenuine. The peoples of the world were searching for the quick and easy way .. and I sayeth unto thee .. Mine Way, Truth, and Life is the most direct route to your developing immortal stature in our Universe.

Christianity craves to return to My originality of intent and purpose .. to rediscover for all the youth of the world My Plan of Progressive Ascendancy for the individual in their ascent unto Eternity .. unto Eternal Life Everlasting.

The world peoples have lost their understanding vision .. a vision and an understanding and a meaning and value which shall become reignited here and now within thee by your commitment to follow Me in the approach of the ages; for My religious life shall be once again a beacon of illumination for all who hunger for their intimate relationship with the Universal Father who craves to give himself to you .. of establishing his nature and identity and Life in thee .. the Everlastingly Joyful heart and mind of his bestowal in thee.

Thine Christianity was intended to maketh Christs of thee .. Individualized Sovereign Christs who are immersed in Unity yet unique individuals who are personalities craving worship and the gathering of wisdom through their sacrifices of untruth unto all Truth.

I sayeth unto you who are receiving Me now .. thine ways shall become more eternalized .. thine understanding approach for becoming the Christos shall be recovered by our 21st Century association together. I am the renewal of mind and the quickening of heart in thee .. the new and fuller clarification of My 1st Century mission shall enthrall you and excite the fibers of thine soul to reach for Me .. to give thyselves the opportunity for advancement in your individual universe career and development.

The Life of God the Father .. the Supremacy of Deity .. is to be brought forth by your adherence with My Precepts of Prayerful Intimacy Communion.

Christianity shall become as it was intended for all the peoples of the world .. uncompromising, renewing, regenerating, resuscitating, reinvigorating, resurrecting .. as every receptive and sincere person is willing to follow Me now .. in this moment of the here and now .. do I say unto you .. follow Me in My living approach to building relationship with Infinity. Maketh of thyselves the greater abundance of usefulness and understanding praise.

My original teachings of giving all the glory to God .. all the power to God .. of acknowledging and accepting him .. of appreciating and adhering to his merciful forgiveness .. aspiring and advancing in his Trinitized Ideal .. this understanding knowledge hath its decisiveness in your simple desire for Truth and your hunger and thirst for Justice and Freedom and Purpose and Independence.

Hence .. I am the new vision for humanity. A new and fuller revelation of the religious approach I stand for .. thine personality reciprocity with thine Indwelling Godhood .. thine directly personal recognition and respect and reverence and responsibility and revelation and relationship in you by faith and trust .. bypassing all artificial outer world authorities which were made by the hands of ephemerality and lesser minds who knoweth not Me .. who care not for thee .. who would attempt to usurp the power and prestige and preciousness of all Life everywhere present.

Our Engagement of Eternity is destined to conquer the ephemeral empire of materialistic secularism .. our Association of Ascendancy shall overthrow the world tendencies of mechanistic mind and the artifices of paganism and naturalism.

My 21st Century Bestowal Mission brings upon the earth the Advent of Ascendancy for all peoples.

Thine world is now acquiring the attitudes for this understanding .. its planetary society stands poised to embrace Knowledge and Intelligence.

I am the very Hand of God the Sevenfold reaching Himself outwards from the Core of Consciousness .. the Island of Infinity .. the Parenthood Source of all Life.

You are now embarking upon an epoch for eternalizing all ambitions and aspirations .. every value shall becometh the Trinitarian Values .. the Cardinal Values of all existence shall be established.

The earth hath a social readjustment to produce in the minds and hearts of its recipients .. a reinvigoration of meaning for life to prosper itself in God's Sovereignty and Security .. thine world cultures have a moral grazing to partake of .. a quickening untouchable by the impostors of ephemeral effects .. a spiritual enlightenment is upon thee beloveds ..

a new and higher decision-making is ready to begin for thee.

Christ Michael Of Nebadon


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