Ye Shall Becometh Raised unto the Father Son and I

Verily .. I instruct and illuminate thine personality approach to the Father's Kingdom.

Extinguishing all remnants of selfishness and self-centeredness and self-absorption shall give you tremendous energies to arise and conquer your inner world .. and the omnipotence of his strength to persevere into the kingdom shall findeth roots.

These erroneous tendencies of selfishness .. will drown out all your hopes and dreams of eternal life as you permit their entrance into your character and consciousness and consideration.

Thine misidentification with the ephemeral nature and its surroundings shall cause thine mind's urges and impulses to remain materialistic and artificial and intellectually bound.

You must arise beloveds .. awaken thine vestments of mind which are the developing attentions and impulses and inclinations and tendencies and desires for progressive advancement in the Kingdom of our Father.

I sayeth unto those with their listening attuned to truth ..

Vanquish thine association with ephemerality of mind and heart. All that you could ever desire is to be found within the Father's Life and Kingdom of Consciousness.

Ye shall becometh raised unto the Father Son and I .. and thine purpose for freedom shall be ever gradually fulfilled in our Eternity Engagement.

God is a Justice without error. His Order seeks to becometh immersed in thee. His Unity shall deliver all who are mine apostles into their highest vision as universal citizenry of our greater society.

Scatter not thine intention with the clanging symbolisms of useless associations. Generate strength of faith and the empowering trust of your daily surrender and cooperation with the Life in thine midst.

Invite Me in the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter surrounding thee. Feel my presence. Engage with me. Honor us together by your wholehearted contemplation of those unchangeable values and virtues to be emboldened and embraced and established in thine heart.

Christ Michael Of Nebadon


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