Mine Engagement Erupts with Joy for Thee

Mine earth children ...

I am thine Universe Sovereign Michael .. Father Son Personified ..

Paradise Creator Son am I .. given the universal responsibility for your evolutionary progressive advancement into eternal freedom and a new order for human life.

Your planetary home hath been isolated from the greater galactic and universal societies.

You have been protected and insulated .. yet thine civilization has a destiny to now  accomplish .. as individuals and as an entire species; for you are designed to become the seeds for new and yet unbirthed planets and their civilizations.

Thine awakening back into the greater society of the universe of universes is inevitable and imminent .. and it shall be a great surprise for many to realize the degree of blindness and deafness which hath been a plague unto thine planetary populace .. a shock will resound throughout thine halls and institutions .. and many shall become traumatized when they realize the extent of darkness ye have been existing within; for the vast populace has an opportunity for an extensive renovation .. a rejuvenation on every level of life.

Yet .. My Universal Administration has determined .. that it is time to gradually begin the reintegration of your planet and home.

Much shall become changed for the greater .. adjusted upwards into the more immaculately conceived way of living .. and in this reintegration period ye shall becometh lighter and more in peace; for the ten billion individuals who reside within your planetary home now desire help from beyond your own spheres of influence.

. . . And I come to giveth answer and response to this collective request for help and guidance. It is an outdated approximation of mind to attempt to conduct your evolutionary unfolding completely on your own. Your species is now recognizing the need for intervention .. a rejuvenation for your planetary systems .. an advancement into maturity and cooperative collaboration with the vastness of Intelligence.

There is a vast kingdom of sentient intelligences awaiting your receptivityin order to begin this quantum advancementand exponential engagement of mercy and love .. personalities of majesty and empowerment and awareness .. and your alignment with the omnipotence love is necessary .. a Love Immortalizing and Immeasurably profound .. which is the Primordial Pattern and Force present everywhere in the universes.

You are evolving upon a singular planet while the entirety of our universe and our neighboring universes watch patiently .. observing your incremental advancements .. individually and as a whole Planetary Race.

A great and all-loving Plan exists .. and has always existed since the inception of this creation of trillions of worlds .. and trillions upon trillions of growing personalities throughout the vast galaxies and universes.

And you are one singular world in its throes of evolution .. its struggles to align with Absolute Truth and Life Everlasting; for this alignment is the primary motivating drive of all enlightened worlds.

To cooperate now and always with this Plan of Advancement .. an engagement is necessary for you as individual personalities. A choice must be firmly decided upon.

For verily .. verily .. do I encourage ye to learn of this Plan and Purpose from Me.

To arise unto participation within the plan of Progressive Personality Ascendancy .. to gain thine closer proximity to the Life of Existence which hath been guiding you as I have .. ever since the beginning of your individualized birth as a unique personhood with mind and will and creativity and Life.

I am come to gently align thee with Our Universal Culture which is thriving .. alive and well .. overflowing with prosperity and happiness .. sharing abundance of every kind and on all levels of life.

And these gifts and blessings are to be made available to you as you open your hands wide to receive of Me .. and as you allow Mine Infinite Universal Influences in collaboration with the Trinity Parenthood .. to reach thine mind and heart .. and to help you relinquish the subtleties of your own struggles.

Come thou .. unto Me .. bring thine problems and thine impulses for Truth and Love and Understanding .. and I shall raise you beyond your present circumstances into a life more greatly abundant and prosperous.

Christ Michael Of Nebadon


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