I Watch Over You

Ever and always do I watch over you ..

I am the Omnipresent and Universal Vine of Eternity .. the Living Word of the Originating Primal Son .. come to alleviate thine suffering and elevate thine aspirations.

I am Father Son Personified who hath returned into mortal form to guide and instruct thee.

Now thine dearest opportunities unfold for your universe career into light and life eternal.

I am with you in this Progressive Evolutionary Ascendancy of every life and creature. All are holy and precious to Me.

We walk together .. yet .. allow Me to lead thee into righteousness and respect for the One Absolute Life.

Thine destiny is as God the Supremacy...

Verily .. My Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter is surrounding you now.

Call upon Me.

Invoke our Fellowship.

Trust in Me to deliver you from all evil as you learn to approach your life accordingly. As you walk in right relationship with thine divinity Presence. All shall becometh blossomed into purpose and a closer proximity to Love.

I sayeth to those individuals who have the mind willing to grow in understanding .. and the heart readying to open as a flower...

Keep our commandments. Honor our agreements. Venture forth in learning and knowledge of thine relationship with Me .. for the Father Son and Spirit are One Trinity Activity .. One Deity Impulse coursing throughout the universes.

...and as ye art virtuous and overflowing with the values of Trinitarian Glory .. so shall you advance unto freedom and happiness in the Eternity Garment of Life.

Michael Of Nebadon


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