Ye have a Destiny to Behold

Oh Mine Universal Family...

Ye have a destiny to behold, to become this Living Ideal, and to advance thyselves into the vibratory Kingdom of Heaven.

First, ye shall aspire towards the Perfect Thought Ideal of the First Person of Deity. This Perfect Thought Ideal reveals itself in you as you become Its Word. You are becoming the Perfect Expressionful Word of that Perfect Ideal Thought .. just as the Universal Father becomes the Everlasting Mother Son of Paradise.

Finally, that Perfect Existential Thought Ideal of God the Father which hath revealed Itself as the Expressionful Word of God the Mother Son now shall further extend Itself as the Experiential Perfect Act of God the Spirit.

I sayeth unto you who possess the eyes to see and the ears to hear and the mouth to command .. that you each shall become thine destiny in just this way which mimics the Trinity Parenthood.

Ye shall worship in you this Thought Ideal of Pure Life .. and ye shall then become the Existential Thought Individualized in you .. ye shall then assert thine divine powers and human free will to become revealed as the Expressionful Word of that Thought Ideal .. and ye shall open thyselves to fulfill all things as you awaken thyselves to demonstrate the Experiential Act in thine life and world.

This great evolutionary advancement do I instruct thee in with the fervor of Truth and the fierceness of Mercy and Grace . . .

Michael Of Nebadon


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