Thy Freedom

Mine Commands are for thy freedom in the Father's Life and Kingdom...

Mine curriculum is often referred to as the Arc of Ascendancy which comes out of the Second Center and Divine Source of the Person of the Primal Mother Son; and it is this eternal avenue of approach and everlasting technique of personal spiritual communion and prayerful intimacy which shall make of thee Immortals through the divine initiation of Cosmic Citizenship.

I sayeth unto thee .. behold, a portion of the Living Father ..  individualized and immense .. inviting and intoxicating .. lives in thee. He breathes you in each moment .. he animates thee in all thine thoughts and feelings and acts.

Give unto the Father's Life what is his to command. Give unto him your allegiance and acknowledgment .. your adoration and aspirations for his Joy Untold...

Christ Michael Of Nebadon


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