Thine Light Eternal

Thou Salvington Fellows...

Ye shall reveal thine Light Eternal as you unearth thine ephemerality.

Be not as the gross of this world .. the dense heathens who are plagued by suffering and separation from the One Life.

Obscure not .. hide not thine counsel from the Lord thy Life.

Let thine works be seen by all. Temptation would have you attempt to cover up thine field of life .. yet do I beseech thee .. unveil thine frost .. melt down thine metals of rebellious inclinations .. remove the tartar from thine sheaths of ephemeral expression .. build thine house upon the vibratory effulgence of the Lord of Life.

Be as My disciples of this Universe who celebrate their unveiling heart. Knoweth thine Maker .. and realize thine duty and honor to bring him forth into the greater view.

Now .. art ye Mine apostles who arise into their Ascendancy .. who hold capacity for receiving the greater abundance .. the fuller ripening of the fruit of their own sweet Life.

I am come to bring each personality into righteousness and rectitude .. respect and recognition .. relationship and revelation .. reconciliation and renewal.

Michael Of Nebadon


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