The Great Light

Knoweth ye that the great omnipresent Light shineth through night and day.

The great Light and Life of the Father's Kingdom is exhaustless and abundant. Always and forever shall this Universal Light Substance exist and supply all.

As ye desire to imbibe more of its properties .. and as ye seek to embody a greater portion .. so shall you walk with Me.

The great Life of the Trinity Parenthood overflows from within your own Individualized Presence. He shines forth .. and he desires to fill all the forms.

If you would perceive the great Light, then ye shall come forth with determination and devotion to the great Light .. ye shall work towards unveiling all thine opposition.

The Holy Triune Source shines upon all creatures equally. The Father loves all equally. Extinguish all hesitations and hubris. Come forth into the Light of his Understanding Intelligence .. and ye shall gain the Knowledge of your Freedom.

Michael Of Nebadon


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