The Great Gathering

I am come to reveal the nature and character of the Absolute First Person of Deity. To reveal the approach to Him who lives within you; as He desires through His spirit to blend thine mortal perspectives with Infinity. To merge together as in a wedding eternal thine mortal fibers with the eternally vibrating Kingdom of His Consciousness .. His Sovereignty .. and His Supremacy of Being.

I arrive upon your mind's platform to enhance the necessary understanding .. to uphold our growing relationship in eternity; for I have stepped forth from My everlasting arena in this universe and with other neighborhood universes .. to give you stimulus of heart .. of Absoluteness Of Truth.

Beyond my short time here whike making goodly use of this body of ephemeral flesh and mortality .. I draw all seekers and aspirants into our Association Of Ascendancy.

I gather about Me those personalities who have made themselves worthy in their vibratory activities .. and through the influences of their freedom of decisions .. to ponder Our way and truth .. to seek the First Center and Infinite source directly within themselves.

I am here within My eternity of Infinite Truth .. making plain the divine approach to God .. into the ever expanding knowledge and understanding of the directly perceivable experience .. the avenues of ascendancy to the living and growing spiritual consciousness of God .. and the inwardly impulsed reality of eternal and ascending Universal Citizenship within this our universal home.

Michael Of Nebadon