The Great Arisings

You might believe that I have come to cast peace upon the earth...

Yet .. ye fail to realize that in order for peace to become established, all darkness and dissension must break loose. All of that which you have hidden from your sight shall find entrance into consciousness.

Mine preceptual teachings and presence shall stir into thine Individualized consciousness all that which had been hidden and operating beneath the surface of your awareness.

Bring ye forth all that is hidden beneath the surface .. take thine accounting with responsibility and reverence .. respect and recognition .. and ye shall discover a new freedom emerging in you.

I come to stir into awareness those individuals who wholeheartedly seek to establish the Father's Kingdom of stability and security .. certainty and safety .. sovereignty and serenity.

These attributes of the Kingdom shall unfold for all who taketh Mine Universal Vine and walk upright with courage...

My presence here shall cause the uprooting of all dissension within the earth. Every particle of destructive accumulation shall be caused to strip itself of its vibrations; for there will be five in one house .. there will be three against two and two against three, father against son and son against father. Mother against daughter and daughter against mother. Husband against wife and wife against husband.

All shall not see eye to eye in their pursuit of Truth Everlasting...

And these ones shall surely stand as solitary ones. They will be impulsed .. perplexed .. pressed .. to choose the Life of the Father over the world of temporal and familial relationships and their circumstances in  ephemerality.

Michael Of Nebadon


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