The Great Appearance

Verily verily I come to instruct thine living heart of love with the wisdom of the Parenthood of our Trinitarian Source.

Thine subjectivity and opinion .. these are just as the bubbles and the spray of the ocean arising in the moment. They are unreal and impossible to construct security upon.

To build your stability upon these ephemeral baubles of the day is to err and descend in thine nature and Identity.

Thy conviction of faith and trust shall be worthily built only as you give all to the Father's Life. His Life is thine own Life Consciousness.

All ephemeral evils such as your subjective nature masquerading as Objectivity and Truth .. this ephemeral mindset with its thoughts and feelings is certainly as the emptiness and purposeless vanity of the species. Every idea created by mortal thinking and feeling hath no basis in the One Reality and will have to be dissolved and transmuted.

Ephemeral selfishness and self-centeredness and self-aggrandizement and self-pity of every sort only leads the personality into ruin and decay .. degeneration and disease.

These false attitudes .. they do rise into view appearing as the real and true yet ..soon afterwards they cause ye to sink to the depths of despair and death .. they carry thine personhood into iniquity and hopelessness.

...these are as the indices to what the thoughtlessness of humankind projects into view .. like empty bottles floating downward upon a stream .. they are illusions and are sure to pass away.

They are the senseless noise which destroys thine personhood and its God Ascent.

Only shallow .. superficial men and women ..  waste their time living on the surface waves of worldly thinkings .. and the simple fools of this worldly thought judge merit according to its decibels of noise and chatter.

God is the Living One Ideal to aspire towards. All men and women who art arising into the Visionary Ideal of God Victory and God Perfection .. these ones are My disciples of the Race who are building a renewal .. they are refurbishing the fabric of the civilization.

The Universal Father Absolute assesses you on what you are .. not by what you momentarily appear to be.

All societal position and fame and reputation and monetary accomplishment .. these are as the worthless baubles of societal immorality and immaturity having no such foundation in the real and true. And as such .. they are as the sands of time and space and temporary appearance.

I am come to make of thee a divine  righteousness in action .. an evolutionary leap in respect and order in existence .. an extraordinary relevance and relationship and responsibility in thine creativity and love expression.

Michael Of Nebadon


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