The Glory of the Eternity Word

I have come .. your Jesus of Nazareth .. Michael of this Universe .. to raise into the fuller life all human beings who thirst for the greater abundance beyond their mortality.

You who have taken My Hand Universal .. who have been attempting to steadily walk with Me into your own God Ascent .. I am raising you into God's promise.

Those who come here .. who listen with a stomach full of error and ephemeral evil .. who quiver not nor do you crave My teachings .. you who have born witness to My Person here once again .. who fear My preceptual Instructions .. who taste and chew Mine Eternity Word .. yet you arise not from your slumbers and the sensations of sympathizing with darkness and evil .. with unelevating attitudes and attributes of delirium .. you are impulsed by the Father to set thine priorities right and to take up thine walk with Me.

I come to set free the slaves of the ephemeral mind and will .. the laggards who are too intoxicated with their own vanity and self-aggrandizement .. with the wine of worldly things and peoples and circumstance.

I am Michael of the Paradise Sons .. the Father and Son Personified who hath illumined the way for each mortal to ascribe upwards and aspire inwards.

I bring within My Personhood the incense of Eternity Wisdom and Everlasting Worship .. and I stimulate all who will open to receive the glory of the Eternity Word.

Michael Of Nebadon


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