The Comforter Spirit of Truth

To become Mine disciple.. ye shall hold My Trinitarian Values of Remembrance.

Ye shall be wholeheartedly willing to become guided by Mine Presence here physically and in My surrounding Comforter Consciousness. 

Be not as the fools of the civilization who hear Truth .. who bear witness to My Preceptual Teachings .. who taste of the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter .. who are offered the opportunity to walk with Me physically while I am dwelling in thine midst .. and yet .. these rebellious ones .. they do nothing to walk themselves into Our fulfillment. 

I sayeth unto thee ..

Take decision to come more closely to Me.

My Beautiful Revelation must have My Guidance in order to transmute that revelatory potential ideal into actuality of experience. 

All Spirit Attainment is grown in the life of the individual experience through personal relationship with One who comes as sent by the Living Trinity Parenthood .. the Fountainhead Source sends their Sons and Daughters into the worlds of evolutionary origins. 

Religious relationship with Me is essential .. with the embodiment of the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter of the Universe Father Son Personified.

Transforming your human potentials of mortality into the everlasting actualities of consciousness and experience .. expression and existence .. this requires our directly personal relationship to unfold.
My interactive guidance and the deliberate exchange with Me shall become that overflowing nectar of clarity and purpose .. strength and determination in you.

...for the Father's Sovereignty shall be entered into with unconditional truthfulness and vulnerability .. acceptance and compassion .. acknowledging the One Fatherhood of Life everywhere present. 

Christ Michael Of Nebadon