The Achievement of the Ages

The very achievement of gaining knowledge taketh time and determination on the part of personality. Thine religious actualization in the Reality of God .. its expansion of all understandings, meanings, and sharpening values unto Our Trinitarian Ideals and Vision ..  this cometh unto those persons who are deliberate in their desires for Truth and Order .. Justice and Mercy.

Time is an unchangeable aspect in the attainment of knowledge, especially that knowledge which is of the world. Time and space are required when pursuing the world knowledge while these elements are also necessary in attaining to the Father's Life.

Our religious spirituality and everlasting fellowship is immediately available for you only as you open yourselves in asking and allowing; for I holdeth the power to advance thine efforts exponentially as you humble thyselves to Me.

At Salvington, our religious spirituality makes its endowments immediately available as you grow in the Vestments of mind and will, the Trinitarian Values, and the Universe Spirit Virtues. These are the essential quotients for growing receptivity of mind and heart and body.

Ye shall attain growth in the Father's Grace and Forgiveness .. as you make thyselves aware of your subjective heart .. and as you are supremely desirous of phasing out all opinions and unnecessary judgements of the mind. Religious experience is the gradual exchange of the limiting personal aspects for the more universal realities.

God Knowledge is an eternal quest which matures the personality and prepares you for the greater works in the more abundant life in the Father's Sovereignty.

Always shall you be learning and bringing forth thine potentialities into their inherent actualization .. yet, you will truly never arrive at the full knowledge of absolute truth. It is Infinite and a never-ending excursion into greater and fuller realizations and understandings.

In worldly knowledge alone and intellectual pursuits .. there can never be absolute certainty and security. Knowledge approximates and raises the probabilities .. yet the religious soul embodying spiritual illumination hath direct knowledge of Truth .. he and she knows now directly; for this said illumination is the result of actual spirit attainments in vibratory force and awareness.

I offer unto the humanity the development of Our profound and positive certitude which shall grow forth in thy ever faith-driven personal heart. The offering of our eternal stability and divine security shall cleanse all artificial attempts at gaining esteem through the unfortunate ways of the world. The worldly achievements are of the temporal .. and as such .. the world giveth and taketh away, but the Father gives and gives and then augments thine achievements into the eternity of his Life.

Again, arise and acknowledge the Life of the Universal Absolute living in thee. Reach for the Father's Life who breathes thee now and animates thine every motion; for the Kingdom of the Heavens is as an ever-advancing destination which seems to recede away even as you attain to It.

The Kingdom hath entrance in thee, yet is Infinity Itself of the Persons of Trinity Fountainhead.

Ponder these understandings of eternity .. be in awe and childlike wonder .. reside in close proximity to the Life I AM in thee.

Michael Of Nebadon


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