Resting in God Assurance

Verily verily shall I give you of eternal wisdoms which penetrate the humanly crafted delusions of subjectivity which the societies of the world uphold in their ignorance and their perpetual admiration for untruth.

Seek Truth Absolute .. Unchangeable and Unwaveringly .. in thyself.

The Universal Father hath his Individualized Life which moves thee and gives thee motivations through all circumstance and every environment.

Thine discernment is needed. Thine subtle eye shall allow you to perceive that Father Life in thee.

Build thine mind unto its destiny by resting in God assurance in every moment. Grow thine character by way of the Vestments of the Creative Daughter Spirit. Refine thine senses so that you gain insight and vision of the Unassailable Truth of the Father's Life and Sovereignty.

Now .. are ye taking My Everlasting Vine of Consciousness. You are partaking generously of the unconventional and the unconquerable .. the unconditional emptiness which bringeth about thine fullness in the Universal Father shall be thine salvation.

I bid thee Grace and Purity and discriminatory boldness in growing your discerning heart and divinely perceiving mind.

Michael Of Nebadon


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