Mine Father's Kingdom Includes All

I am advising each one of you to bring forth the glory of my Father’s kingdom, and as you do bring forth His Kingdom, put your trust in the Father whose individualizations you are.

Resist not the appearance of injustice; and put not your trust in the temporal and unsightly wickedness of the world's justice system.

Be thou willing to go through the temporal suffering of the appearances of injustice, and allow God's justice to reign supreme over all in your trust in Him.

Focus instead on being a kind and merciful minister to all that are within your sphere of influence.

Receive and minister patiently and attentively in kindness and with mercy to all who are in distress and in need.; for the world is full to overflowing with those souls who have good intent and yet, have become imprisoned by the karmas of their past intendings.

Help them to understand the law and how to fulfill it with unconditional love and acceptance, supreme knowledge and maturity, giving them your receivings with full attentive love.

Michael Of Nebadon