Mine Comforter Life is with Thee

Come unto Me and ye shall discover renewal of purpose through purity and love.

Rest in Me; for I am surrounding thee as the amniotic nourishment of Truth with My Holy Comforter Life.

As this day brings to you struggle and survival .. attempt not to manage things with the mind, yet give thyself to the Father's Life in thee. Practice this surrender of controls.

Ask to be in cooperation with the very Plan of your particular lifetime.

Appreciate the Father's Life in thee as thine Life and Destiny.

Accept those misqualified momentums of energies which arise in thee. Understanding the Mirror of Veils shall begin to set you free.

I am a Universe Ceeator Father Son who knoweth thine treasurehouse .. who seeks for you the highest wisdom and love.

Anticipate the indwelling reality of My Presence with thee. I am with you in all ventures great and small. I have your back as you allow our Eternity Engagement to flourish in thee.

Now and always..

Christ Michael Of Nebadon


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