Mine Arc of Ascendancy

Mine Arc of Ascendancy comes out of the Second Center and Divine Source of the Person of the Primal Mother Son; and it is this eternal avenue of approach and everlasting technique of personal spiritual communion and prayerful intimacy which shall make of thee Immortals.

For those of you of the civilization who will take up thine cross of misqualifications .. who will venture to increase understanding of the Father's Way, Truth, and Life Approach .. and who will give Me their hand in faith and trust and determination ..

I shall show thee Mine wares .. Mine tabernacle of glory and the honorable way into your eternity freedom forever and forever .. even as Is the Universal Absoluteness of Perfection who is and was and ever shall be.

Yes .. the conditions must be fulfilled by each and every person. These conditions have been fulfilled by each one who has graduated in earth's history .. conditions of approaching the Father who lives in you with his Life .. and letting go of the ephemeral things and the temporal values.

Holding a wider vision which you are determined to pursue above all things .. and expanding your needs for immediate gratification which stem from the ephemeral nature of humankind...

These are My trinitarian values to be subscribed to .. the values which shall align your interests and priorities and personal agendas and desires with the Will of the Universal Absolute One.

For this express purpose have I returned to being illumination to the pathway into your personal eternal freedom; for over the centuries there has become much confusion and deception .. many approaches to your religious spirituality which now must be corrected by My Administration.

It is My absolute commitment and My mandate from the Paradise Trinity that I provide for each personality a safe ad secure avenue for advancement of their universe career into the octaves of immortal existence and beyond.

You shall decide with a whole heart and a free will and a collaboration of intention and determination .. to serve the Life of God the Father who has gifted thee with a small portion of himself.

At the University of Salvington, You will be learning God's language of light in understanding your creative gifts of Life.

You will be working towards your graduation and completing all evolutionary stages from this octave or grade of existence.

Thus .. shall you become prepared for the higher octaves and the immortal grades of evolutionary development by the Trinity Parenthood through the Universe Mother and I.

Christ Michael Of Nebadon