Be eager for Mine Living Word

Be eager for Mine Living Word.

The first precept of My Word is faith-trust, the second is mercy-love, the third is works of service and surrender, and from these three precepts shall cometh the greater life.

Mine Word is like a grain of wheat .. and when ye sow it with thine thought and feeling and intention .. ye shall have this everpotent faith in the absoluteness of truth.

And as ye sow it with thine prayerful intimacy of the heart .. so shall you cause Mine Word in you to sprout into its fullness.

He and she who do love the Lord thine God and the Life that is He .. these ones shall have the greater abundance of that Life everlasting One. He shall see many a grain sprout in himself .. a multitude of everlasting and everpotent grains of truth will she find blossoming instead of just one.

In the simplicity of thine receptive heart and mind shall you learn to acquire the righteousness of trinitarian values and virtues for thine character to bloom, and for thine soul to be set aflame with that necessary hunger for truth everlastingly.

Hence .. is the kingdom of heaven brought forth for yourselves. Unless you acquire it through worship and wisdom, courage and counsel, understanding and knowledge, intuition and spirit perception and diligence .. then you will not be able to find it; for thine vibratory frequency must elevate and reach in order so that you make of thyselves a receptacle for the everlasting Life.

Michael Of Nebadon


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