Ye Ask of Me ..

Good day to all men and women who seek fervently for the Stability of God's Life...

Ye ask of Me .. where are you living.. and what do you do in the earth at this time?

How is it that you have sought me out by asking what I do and where I am?

Do you not then realize that I am here for a fortnight .. and that I must be about My Father's business?

I cometh to teach thee of My Way of Victory in the Universal Father.

My Truth of God Authority...

...and Mine Life of reciprocal spiritual relationship.

This victorious avenue for every individual brings about eternal accomplishments .. it shall raise thee in thine predicaments upon the earth.

Ye shall be made renewed in mind and will and body .. and reignited in thine desire to reach for the Godhood in you.

The inner urge for this imminent connection with the Love Principle of Paradise must be made by your conscious advancements each and every day.

This Kingdom seeking Urge is strengthened by your wholehearted commitment to embody more of the Kingdom of Love .. a reordering of your world shall occur only as you act upon nurturing your Intimacy with the Life of God the Father .. his Spirit Force in you.

Ye hold a portion of the Father's Life in you made ready for blending with you .. and you with Me.. by your choices for unconditional love and forgiveness.

I sayeth to the receptive ones of the race who in their hearts have this urge for progressive ascendancy .. be ever about thine Father's priorities .. his purpose hath a great possibility for you in your search for permanent security and safety.

I come to save the lost with the Son's understanding .. his transcendent knowledge.

I enter thine world taking upon My Comforter Persona a body just as your own .. to teach the lowly ones .. to heal the sick .. and to bring a new mobility to the lame ones who have given up their walk towards Truth.

Mine Eternity Word hath all power to resuscitate thine impulses and urges for Truth Everlasting.

Christ Michael Of Nebadon