The Second Birth

The aim of all spiritual development is to eliminate the lower self so that you become lighter .. to deliver the ephemeral nature into Truth Everlasting through the initiation of the Second Birth .. so that the God Self becomes free from all misqualified outer layers of obstruction that it hath acquired over lifetimes of learnings.

In your own life, you will be able to perceive within thyself and others that certain parts of the God Self are already free to express in their original purity, while yet .. other parts are still hidden and have yet to be revealed.

How much is free or hidden, and the devious ways it is hidden depend upon the overall development of personality.

The ephemeral self is a mixture of certain attitudes and attributes .. common faults and erroneous habits and certain weaknesses that vary within each person.

The ephemeralities of selfhood are tainted with irrational ideas and beliefs stemming from artificialities .. superficialities .. resistances within the personality towards going more deeply into itself .. all set forth by the personality due to the ignorance of truth and the misidentification with unreality.

Oh Mine children who seek and strive for that sense of brightness and radiance .. be thou watchful always.. laziness sets in to the personality and that part of the human ephemerality takes control gradually as it pulls you into the deeper sleep.

The little illusory selfhood hates to change and it avoids at all costs to conquer itself; it has a very strong self-serving interest .. a willfulness that may not always manifest itself outside nor is it easily seen by the person.

The ephemeral nature wants its way without paying the price. This selfhood is very proud and selfish, and always has a great deal of personal vanity.

All of these characteristics are generally part of the ephemeral lower self, regardless of other individual faults.

As you strive for wellness throughunion with the vibratory field of the Father's Life .. and as you reach for your indwelling Godhood to emerge .. ye shall discover that there are many subtleties to be found .. shades of slander and wisps of thought forms by which the human selfhood remains trapped in it's own web of self-preservation and conceit.

I bid that ye discover strength and stability in the Father's Life as you penetrate the veils of thine own mortal manifestations to enter the Ineffable Infinity of God.

Christ Michael Of Nebadon


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