The Ineffable Infinity

I say unto you .. rejoice .. relinquish thyselves to the Father's Life.

Be merciful unto thyselves .. and mercy shall come to thee.

As evil men and women of unconsciousness attend to their games .. let not others provoke you away from our Eternity Engagement together.

The evils of the world are merely those actions and expressions coming out of the race mind.

Evil hath no connections to you so long as you transfigure thine own evil .. thine offenses against the Lord thy God.

Always .. the Good True and Beautiful shall conquer everything. The Father's Life always conquers all opposing tendencies. He showers the trillions upon trillions of worlds with His Ineffable Infinity of Love.

Worthy are the pure in heart who desire inordinately Life.

Worthy are the unconditional ones who give themselves to the Father's Life without holding Him hostage to their undesirable demands for vain gratification.

Worthy are you who wholeheartedly agree with the Father's Kingdom to come and establish its harmony and divinity order.

Worthy are those individuals who have entered our Eternity Engagement of the ages, and who work towards their own freedom in the Absoluteness of Infinity.

Now .. are you walking in that holiness of thought and word and act.

Now .. shall ye arise into the children of the Father's Sovereignty.

Christ Michael Of Nebadon


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