Pure and Simple

Verily I say to those personalities who art desirous of eternal Truth .. freedom comes to thee as you fulfill God's Mercy. His Mercy is Justice and Equanimity.

First ye shall walk in cooperation and collaboration .. childlike and considerate .. of the Intelligence Circuits .. the Living Circuits of the Father's Kingdom .. as you become the very attitudes of ascendancy, and as ye embody the attributes of divinity.

Second ye shall conquer thine ephemerality effects and those lesser urges and inclinations of mortal values and meanings .. wholeheartedly and willingly ye shall learn to divine art of delivering thyself to the Life of God who indwells thee and animates thine every breath and movement. This achievement is only accomplished as you avail thyselves to receive of God's Love and Mercy. Always shall you learn to receive a greater portion of the Infinity of God's Life; for s/he is the very Life you are .. the very Life you breath .. the very Life which acts in all ways.

Third ye shall work towards thine Second Birth of Cosmic Citizenship and Universe Immortality. Herein, ye shall become established as an immortal and ascendant being .. a personalization of the Cosmic Christ. Immersed in God's Will and Way .. you shall become the Father's Substance and Consciousness in your microconsciousness as a uniquely qualified individual of his Divinity Presence in time and space. This is thine graduation from all births and every lifetime of learning advancement.

These are Mine purpose with thee .. to raise you into your inheritance; for I am the One who hath responsibility for thee. I am the One with the powers to elevate and refine thine mortal stature into life amongst the Immortals.

Mine purpose with thee is pure and simple .. yet it shall require everything from you in order to advance thyself in this vein of victory. I am come into your greater view to guide your way into Truth Everlasting .. to teach thee of the ways of Eternity beyond what humanity already believes themselves to understand; to quicken thine status as a mortal personality into this eternalization of all values and meanings and priorities; for ye are destined to enter into your fondest fulfillment with Me .. your highest and greatest purpose still hath its destination to unfold in you; and it is for this express reasoning and priority that I am come back into your mortal carnal experience so that I shall teach and guide you in My Instruction...

Christ Michael Of Nebadon