Our Salvington Counsel & Fellowship

Verily do I come this morning to teach you of righteousness in motivations.

Righteousness of motivations .. of character .. of choices and decisions .. builds in you with the knowledge of the vestment spirits of the Universe Mother.

The Vestment Spirits of the Mother bring along the normal evolutionary mind development.

These Vestment Spirits encircuit the human mind into the Infinite Mind Circuit of the Mother.

The Vestment Spirits are actually the extensions of the Universe Mother Spirit Consciousness sent into the evolutionary worlds to gift each personality with mind .. and to foster and develop those minds toward the Trinitarian Values of righteousness and respect, responsibility and relevance, relationship and recognition, reconciliation and renewal revelations, and the reception of My Spirit Of Truth Holy Comforter Engagement.

As you grow in mind .. and this mind develops correctly its will aspect .. you are building those righteous spirit urges which bring you into the ascendancy of progression.

You are maturing mind and will into holding and maintaining the higher spirit influences of mind and will.

You are growing with the tendencies and divine inclinations which raise you to reach, reveal, receive, and recognize My Comforter and the Life I AM with the Father in you.

The Vestment Spirits build the higher spiritual urges to enter our Eternity Engagement .. our Association of Ascendancy.

Mortal mind is designed to grow and enhance itself, to engage and explore, to expand and emanate, to enter the Kingdom of our Fellowship.

Mortal mind is destined to ripen from its roots in mechanical, animal, and material thinking towards the Higher Absorption of the Trinitarian Values .. the Foundational Virtues .. and the beginnings of the Comforter Association .. with the Primal Son's Vision.

Understanding mind .. the origins of mind and the development of human free will .. shall equip thee with righteousness tendencies .. righteousness inclinations and mindal development .. mind-spirit urges for My Counsel Fellowship with you.

Christ Michael Of Nebadon


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