My 21st Century Bestowal Mission

Mine disciples of the world .. as much as you follow My Father God in Our leading grace .. so are you My disciples of determination and God desire. The great and much heralded advancement of Mine 21st Century Bestowal Mission depends upon you. Your respect and recognition .. righteousness and rectitude .. relationship and reconciliation .. receptivity and reciprocity .. revelation and remembrance. These are Mine Trinitarian Values which shall ignite thee into living our discipleship.

Our Religious Fellowship is not a technique for attaining a static and blissful peace of mind that hath no higher and greater purpose; for it is the very preparation for developing an infinite impulse for organizing thine personality soul for its dynamic service upon the earth and in the Kingdom Octaves awaiting humanity.

It is the encouraging enlistment of the totality of thy mortal selfhood in the allegiance to Infinity .. the willingness to surrender all .. and it is thine personal living demonstration of your loyal service of loving God with that wholehearted desire to be alike unto him .. and the fulfillment quest of each individual to arise upon the winds of the Kingdom in serving all men and women .. all of the kingdoms upon the earth and in the ineffable octaves of life beyond.

Christ Michael Of Nebadon