Mine Coming Shall Stir the Atmosphere with Truth

Thine faith shall open the inner gates between you and the Father.

Thine trust shall give you entrance to My Father's Kingdom.

Yet do I say unto you .. behold the imminent Presence of God our Father.

Let thine awareness overflow with faith and trust in Me. When ye go through the labors of thine day .. enter Mine Trinitarian Values of Eternity .. respect the Life of God in you .. recognize the Father and I as the Life thou art .. give him all reverence and revelation .. be in this reciprocal religious relationship of giving everything to him of your mortal selfhood .. and receiving everything from the Father who desires for you to have all of him that you are capable of receiving.

Remember My Love for you in all your moments of despair and discomfort. Be not discouraged nor dejected; for I have overcome all things and I come forth into your view to demonstrate how you shall do the same.

I know Mine own children who are athirst for character righteousness and personal rectitude in God's Sovereignty and Absoluteness.

Doubt not that it is I .. Michael Of Nebadon .. the One who came and lived as the Galilean man named Jeshua .. Joshua .. Jesus you have call Me.

I live not though in the past; for I am now a modern man of this 21st Century Bestowal wherein I come to guide you into the very next phase of your evolutionary development .. your universe career in light and a life more abundant.

Maketh your indwelling Light of God to so shine and express the greater perfection of all qualities of the Infinite Persons of the Father Son and Spirit.

He and She who are determined to enter into the Kingdom of Eternity shall cleanse themselves of every misaligned particle of the Father's Life.

Once again .. ye shall arise into thine rightful stature as a living son and daughter of Eternity as you walk with Me in this Engagement of Eternity which I am offering humanity.

Christ Michael Of Nebadon