Let Him Establish Dominion all Through You

Learn of My Way to approach living your life in the here and now with success and purpose. As you seek, so shall you find Me. As you strive to understand living My Truth, so shall it be revealed to you. As you surrender the false images and those idols of your own creating, so shall the real and genuine experience of Life begin.

I intrude not .. I invade never .. I invoke always .. I attend to Mine flock.

The Father's Life and his Kingdom hath a never-ending benevolence to offer and provide you. Reach upwards giving everything of thyself to him.

Wheresoever I AM .. there you are as well; for this I AM is the Life which motivates you .. animating your every thought and feeling and breath .. giving you of Himself continually with purity and trust and purposeful intent.

Lift your sight of mind and awareness to Me...

I AM the Life in you .. the Way of victory to embody .. the Truth of all authority to become aligned with .. the Ideal of the First Father Revelation is revealed as the Second Son Revelation .. and the Third Spirit Revelation prepares you to enter into this Ideal as a personality beckoning for it's eternalization forever.

I am showing you how to gradually each day claim thy divinity, and in this ye shall learn to own thyselves, master thine impulses and urges, delivering thyself to the Life I AM with the First Father Revelation in thee.

You live in the Supremacy of God .. you move in his great Body .. and you have all your being in him as well. Absolutely everywhere is He. No one is excluded .. all are welcome regardless of race or creed or background or environment or origins. All are the children of the Universe Mother and I .. all are the emerging sons and daughters of eternity.

Christ Michael Of Nebadon