Thine Loving Hand Universal

Thine Ascendancy .. hath benevolence and peace unfolding...

I AM thine Loving Hand Universal by which eternal life comes forth in thee. I give in accordance with thine Trinitarian Values. I comfort accordingly those who live virtuous lives responsibly and respectful of the Universe Spirit.

Know Me as the Life of the Father's Kingdom. Partake of Mine Wholeness and Happiness. Enter joyfully Mine whereabouts of abundance and prosperity limitless.

Weary not of Mine preachings. The actualization of thine potentialities shall be unveiled as you enter consistently into our Prayerful Intimacy. Ye shall establish thine existence upon the rock of spirit force .. unconditional love and compassion shall be thine own.

It is the time for transformation of every hindrance and downcast attitude. Choice .. rightful decision .. it cometh out of understanding wisdom.

I come so that the children of the planet shall have access to the Father's Life and his Kingdom.

Michael Of Nebadon


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