The Great Aught of Existence

Verily do I instruct thee now in the way of living...

All power is naught. It hath not the creative Life of God unless it is the power of love.

Power of the worldly minded activities is effect .. it is a manifest of the Cause of the aught.

Power .. which many do seek and strive after .. is the result of force; it is but naught in itself. It hath no Intelligence nor does it bring forth satisfaction.

Power is naught in that it is illusory and empty .. and while Cause is the One Force of Life which holds all possibilities in It .. power is illusory and illegitimate. It is subject to continuous change .. and changeover.

Again do I show thee in My Word .. and its words .. power is naught and is changeable according to changes in the thought ethers.

The One Force of Life Itself is Cause and changes not .. is stable and secure .. certain and safe .. simple and significant .. while all illusion is subject to continuous changes which are then unreliable and unworthy to be learned upon by you.

The One Force of Father Life is the will of God himself .. it is his omnipotence and omnipresence made manifest and visible by mercy and love.

Force is the will of the Heavenly Father. Its omnipotence hath dominion and control over all manifestations. All that is effect is derivative coming from Cause of Force .. and this One Force if Life Itself.

Power of the elements .. and power of stature in the world with its influences .. hath its dependency upon the One Life Force.

Power of elements and world position hath not dominion unless ye give it your glory. Yet all power is that manifestly of will .. it is directed and sustained by Breath of Life.

Power of the elements is in the air .. the water .. the earth .. the fire. It is in the winds and power is in the waves .. even in the stroke of the lightning is power. Yet, it is directed by Force of Life.

The movement of human arms and legs and breathing .. ay.. even power of the eyelid and its eye .. these are manifests of the aught .. the One Force of Life which hath dominion and omnipotence over all things manifest.

Once again do I caress thine choices with understanding compassion .. choose ye with righteousness and rectitude wheresoever ye shall place thine loyalties and allegiance.

The substance of the ethers do vibrate through thine thought .. the ethers cause these very manifest powers to be.

The thought of angel and elohim and humankind and all other orders of creation .. direct the One Life Force to do its bidding in time and space creation .. and in the world of manifestations.

Yet .. when thought and ether hath done its bidding .. all manifestations must sooner or later return to the aught of Cause and Life.

Like unto bubbles in the ocean spray arising alongside their waves from the body of the waters .. so shall the manifest arise and showeth itself for its momentary glory and expression, yet it shall fall back into its Cause in time.

Arise unto Truth Absolute and discover thine stabilization in the Goodly cause of Father .. secure for thyselves his security in permanence and piousness .. in purity and purpose absolutely.

The Kingdom of Heaven is this great stability of significance wherein ye shall find and discover and bringeth forth thine rightful Identity and Integrity with the Force of the One Life .. in the consciousness and constancy of the Everlasting One who hath benevolence untold and glory Ineffable.

Michael Of Nebadon