I am Overflowing

Oh Mine brethren .. I am overflowing with Power and Grace .. Gratitude and the great unfathomable Generosity of Infinity.

Our purpose together for you is to give you encouragement to conquer thyself .. all urges and inclinations and tendencies ye shall conquer with My Mercy .. the Mercy of the Father Son Spirit of all lives.

Devoutness prospers thee as you arise in thyself .. arise to gain mastery over all thineself.

Gain thine right reasoning of the Will of the Heaven of Heavens; for once again do I reveal to you that in My Father's Kingdom.. in His One Body .. are thousands upon thousands of mansions of glory .. octaves of plentiful abundance .. dimensions wherein exist and dwell thrivingly .. untold trillions of intelligent feeling beings teeming with the grand emotionality of love and caring.

Christ Michael Of Nebadon