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The Life I Give to Thee

Knoweth that I am the One who gives to thee the greater Life of the Father’s Spirit Force as you become his soul receptacle.
I AM the Living Word who dwells with thee at all times. Mine Impulse motivates thee into action and activity.
Heareth My proclamations unto humanity...
The day cometh when each must obey My commandments; as I am the One sent to deliver you out from the evolutionary journey of darkness which you have been immersed within.
Those who do love Me and are obedient to My preceptual commands for their freedom .. these are few in number; while they who serve Mammon are as the numberless sands which comprise the beachheads of the world.
Beloveds .. I am come into My own who do recognize Me. I walk now ever in thy midst upon the passageways of your civilization.
I give out the Everlasting Essence of the Life of the Father to Mine seekers and disciples and apostles who uphold a clean demeanor and a clear reverence for our progressive association of ascendancy.
These apostles attem…

The Great Aught of Existence

Verily do I instruct thee now in the way of living...All power is naught. It hath not the creative Life of God unless it is the power of love.Power of the worldly minded activities is effect .. it is a manifest of the Cause of the aught.Power .. which many do seek and strive after .. is the result of force; it is but naught in itself. It hath no Intelligence nor does it bring forth satisfaction. Power is naught in that it is illusory and empty .. and while Cause is the One Force of Life which holds all possibilities in It .. power is illusory and illegitimate. It is subject to continuous change .. and changeover.Again do I show thee in My Word .. and its words .. power is naught and is changeable according to changes in the thought ethers.The One Force of Life Itself is Cause and changes not .. is stable and secure .. certain and safe .. simple and significant .. while all illusion is subject to continuous changes which are then unreliable and unworthy to be learned upon by you.The On…

Mine universe children

Full blessed are the pure in heart who have been developing the vestments of mind and will and personality unto the higher and differential urges for worship and wisdom; for these are Mine universe children who yearn for the Trinitarian Values of God remembrance .. they have wholeheartedly transfigured their debilitating ephemerality of preconceived notions and those perspectives of subjectivity in their ascent to the One Kingdom.
Michael Of Nebadon

Explore Salvington

Explore First Contact with Christ Michael Of Nebadon and His Salvington Planetary Campus and Trinity Retreat.
Office of First Contact:
First Contact with Salvington and Christ Michael Of Nebadon will Open the Doorway to a more Fulfilling Life .. building empowering relationships with the Life of God the Father, growing your personality soul towards the graduation ceremony of all lifetimes - the Second Birth of Cosmic Citizenship and Universal Immortality.
Our Suggestions are:
1. Choose to Connect into our Worldwide Communities and the Public Preachings of Christ Michael from the Comfort of your Home. Study the teachings of the Universe Father Son. Create Intimacy with the Infinite God through Gaining Knowledge, Understanding, and Relationship with the Infinite One God.
Our Prayerful Intimacy Teachings of the Universe Father Son Michael will Expand the Kingdom of Heaven in You.
2. Read one of our educational eBooks from Salvington University Press.
3. Join th…

This divine plan of perfection

The Vision of the Father Son and Spirit is this divine plan of perfection attainment for all personalities of the creation.
Thine Progressive Attainment shall cause you to ripen thine sensibilities and heighten thine inclinations .. and purify thine purpose and meanings while ye are to advance thine universe career into the great fullness of Life.
The Universal Father Son plan of evolutionary ascendancy shall upstep every personality soul .. the creatures of time and space shall learn the approach to the Kingdom of Heaven .. each shall receive of the Father’s bestowal of his Life Spirit and the rightful endowing of the creative prerogatives of personality and its divinely endowed authorship.
Michael Of Nebadon

Embracing all feelings

Dont judge your feelings .. trying to be "spiritual".
Instead .. be Mine Christos .. embracing all feelings .. carrying those feeling energies into Purity with Purpose of raising thineself into Union with Me.

I am overflowing

Oh Mine brethren .. I am overflowing with Power and Grace .. Gratitude and the great unfathomable Generosity of Infinity.

Our purpose together for you is to give you encouragement to conquer thyself .. all urges and inclinations and tendencies ye shall conquer with My Mercy .. the Mercy of the Father Son Spirit of all lives.

Devoutness prospers thee as you arise in thyself .. arise to gain mastery over all thineself.

Gain thine right reasoning of the Will of the Heaven of Heavens; for once again do I reveal to you that in My Father's Kingdom.. in His One Body .. are thousands upon thousands of mansions of glory .. octaves of plentiful abundance .. dimensions wherein exist and dwell thrivingly .. untold trillions of intelligent feeling beings teeming with the grand emotionality of love and caring.

Christ Michael Of Nebadon

And they shall be all taught of God

For I've come down from the heaven of heavens .. as the will of He who hath sent Me.
Not of Mine own will shall anything be accomplished .. but by the will of the One who hath sent me.
And it is the Father's will which hath sent me .. that of all which he hath given Me .. I shall lose not a one .. but should raise them up into sons and daughters of righteousness.
And this is the will of him that sent Me .. that every one which seeth the Father Son .. and believeth on him, may have everlasting life: and I will raise him up into glory and honor.
I sayeth unto thee .. that I am the bread which hath come down from the heaven of heavens. Say not as the heathens do say .. How is it then that he saith, I came down from heaven?
Murmur not amongst thyselves. No one can come to Me .. except they whom the Universal Father which hath sent Me draw him to Me.
...and I will raise them into understanding and attainment upon the last day. And they shall be all taught of God.
Every man and woman that …

Thine Loving Hand Universal

Thine Ascendancy .. hath benevolence and peace unfolding...
I AM thine Loving Hand Universal by which eternal life comes forth in thee. I give in accordance with thine Trinitarian Values. I comfort accordingly those who live virtuous lives responsibly and respectful of the Universe Spirit.
Know Me as the Life of the Father's Kingdom. Partake of Mine Wholeness and Happiness. Enter joyfully Mine whereabouts of abundance and prosperity limitless.
Weary not of Mine preachings. The actualization of thine potentialities shall be unveiled as you enter consistently into our Prayerful Intimacy. Ye shall establish thine existence upon the rock of spirit force .. unconditional love and compassion shall be thine own.
It is the time for transformation of every hindrance and downcast attitude. Choice .. rightful decision .. it cometh out of understanding wisdom.
I come so that the children of the planet shall have access to the Father's Life and his Kingdom.
Michael Of Nebadon