What is Truth, Beloveds?

Truth is the only thing that changes not. Truth therefore is Stability and Security .. Certainty and Significance .. and several others.

In all the world there are two things; the one is truth; the other falsehood is; and truth is that which is and was and always will be while falsehood is that which seems to be and appears to be and attempts to be and masquerades as being.

Now truth is aught it is the real and the unwavering stabilization of the universes. Truth Itself hath no cause, and yet it is the cause of everything that we see and taste and touch and ever more.

While falsehood is naught .. it never is nor was nor shall it ever be. And yet, falsehood is the manifest of aught. It hath appearance and momentum and power fed to it by Cause and the adherents of cause who knoweth not themselves to be that cause.

Whatever has been made by the hands of falsehood shall be unmade and reordered and brought to bear from chaos and ephemerality into Truth; for you must come to learn that that which begins with the thought of imperfectness must sooner or later come to its end. It is for this reason that ye shall build thine existence upon the rock of Truth Everlasting which is .. once again .. the Stability and the Security and the Safety and the Certainty of all Life everywhere.

All things that can be seen by human eyes and heard by human ears and touched by human form and said by human tongue .. these are all manifests of the great unseen aught, yet they are of the naught, and so must fade away .. pass away .. return one day into the cause of the aught from which they have all come.

The things we see are but reflexes just appearing .. symbols of manifest .. bubbles rising in the night's sky awaiting approval and recognition .. while the ethers of the appearance world does so vibrate thus and thus .. and when conditions change these bubbles of the naught .. made of the substance of the aught the Life of God the Father .. these shall suddenly dissolve and disappear.

The manifestation of things is as thus. While the Holy Breath is Unchanging and Objective and Everlasting Truth which is unchangeable and unable to be negotiated with nor manipulated by human thinkings and doings. Aught is always and forevermore that which was, and is, and evermore shall be; it cannot change nor pass away.

And beloveds, What is human?

Human is the Life of Truth and the ephemeral appearance of the maturing and ripening falsehood strangely mixed.

Human is the Life of God .. the Everlasting Breath .. the One and Only Spirit of Existence made to experience and evolve through flesh and carnal experiences; Truth and falsehood are conjoined in him and her; and these two .. Truth and falsehood do strive and struggle and battle it out upon the terrains of the earthly octaves .. and naught of the ephemeral eventually becomes overtaken and overwhelmed by Truth .. it goeth down .. and human becometh arisen upon the Victories of the great stabilization of the aught. Truth abides while falsehood is no longer; for it hath its place and time as the training ground from which the human becometh the divine in this paradox and play of consciousness and Life.

Michael Of Nebadon