Thine Freedom in Eternity

Oh Mine earthly children who art willing wholeheartedly to have thine freedom in eternity .. I am come into the useful expression of one of your earthly vessels .. I come that ye become arisen and brought out of bondage.

Thou hast heard Me throughout the centuries .. and so I sayeth to thee .. let him and her come forth out of the collective race consciousness to taketh their stand. Let them seek and find the nature and identity of the Most Subtle One.

Giveth thyselves unto the Altar of the Father in order that thine ascendancy become fulfilled. Enter into Mine Temple of the holy ones who art poised for advancement in My Father's Octaves within His Omnipresence.

Again .. do I sayeth to thee .. let them come .. discover .. reach .. recognize and respect the Life of God the First Revelation who hath gifted each human personality mind with a living portion of Himself. Findeth him beyond the noise and ruckus of thine human urges and inclinations. Discover Him as thine own Life and Destiny. Be ye blessed by these things which have their roots in Truth and the Unwavering and Unconquerable Reality of Love.

Michael Of Nebadon